SAE et GED, quelles différences ?

Electronic archiving goes further than simple preservation

Electronic archiving: conservation is just one part of a bigger picture. Electronic archiving is much more than simply a process of information storage and sharing. It guarantees trust in documents and aims to ensure that they are legally admissible throughout this conservation period.


eIDAS permet de sécuriser les signatures électroniques et de renforcer la confiance sur le marché européen

eIDAS qualification

This summer, CDC Arkhineo has obtained the European eIDAS qualification for the validation and preservation of qualified electronic signature and seal. 


Accreditation HDS

On 22 December 2017, CDC Arkhinéo, obtained "Hébergeur de données de santé" (HDS - healthcare data host) accreditation from the French Ministry of Health. It allows CDC Arkhinéo to "host personal health data within the framework of its electronic archiving service with probative value".

1,5 billion archives

At the beginning of 2016, we were celebrating with our customers 1 billion of archives on our platform. A little bit more than 1 year after, the strong growth of the activity, allowed us to deal with 1 million of archive every day and to reach the milestone of 1,5 billion archives.

CDC Arkhinéo is certified ISO 27001

Cyberattacks against companies are in constant evolution. Threatens are multiplying, companies must fight against data theft, intrusions, industrial espionage, hacking, leak, phishing, ransomware etc.

Using a ECM/EDM doesn’t mean archiving!

Over the years, all companies create, edit (but also receive) documents which they are obliged to preserve in order to meet legal archiving obligations as well as to be able to assert their rights in the case of litigation.