1,5 billion archives

At the beginning of 2016, we were celebrating with our customers 1 billion of archives on our platform. A little bit more than 1 year after, the strong growth of the activity, allowed us to deal with 1 million of archive every day and to reach the milestone of 1,5 billion archives.


These numbers demonstrate the rise of dematerialization in the company digital transformation and the trend to integrate inside the company paperless processes.


This growth is also boost by legislations, with the 5 December 2006 decree and the fiscal decree of mars 22, 2017, opening the road to the admissibility of an electronic copy of an original paper (Article 1379 of the French civil law), but also with the European regulation eIDAS and the GRDP about data protection coming into force in May 2018. 


Today, these 1,5 billion archives are preserved on our 3 datacenters located in France. This growth allowed us to head towards new geographical horizons.