CDC Arkhineo has breached the 2 billion archived documents

CDC Arkhineo has breached the 2 billion archived documents threshold and confirms its growth.



CDC Arkhineo, breached the 2 billion archived documents threshold on its platform at the end of 2018. The company has also breached the 1-petabyte mark (1 million Go) in terms of archived documents. These results confirm the company’s leading position in the electronic probative value archiving market. 


Since its creation in 2001, CDC Arkhineo has recorded exponential growth in archived volume stored in its 3 data-centers:







CDC Arkhineo CEO Charles du BOULLAY commented “breaching the 2 billion archives mark is a crucial stage for CDC Arkhinéo. Our exponential growth since 2001 illustrates the confidence bestowed upon us by our clients and our partners.” He added “this result demonstrates not only our platform’s strong processing capacity but also the extent to which electronic archiving is recognised as a reliable and optimal solution by companies and public bodies which now consider this technique as an integral part of their digital transformation strategy. Given the strong growth in the global market, we are hoping to reach 5 billion archives in 2020”.


In the context of the fight against cyber-threats and amid increasingly stringent data security & hosting regulations, CDC Arkhinéo also undertakes to guarantee data protection, as reflected by its range of certifications, including NF461, ISO 27001, France Cybersecurity label, hosting for personal health data accreditation and lately the dual eIDAS qualification covering the validation and preservation of electronic signatures and stamping. 


The company has also gained 13 places within the Syntec Numérique Top250 software editor rankings since 2017. CDC Arkhinéo, which now ranks 228th, is pursuing its development and continues to enjoy a higher growth rate than the market.