Electronic Archiving : the Markess study

CDC Arkhineo recognised as a leader in legal binding electronic archiving by sector experts

The Markess firm has conducted a study with solutions suppliers, who were asked to name the leading software/SaaS supplier in five segments of the market. CDC Arkhineo came in first for the electronic archiving sector.


The Markess firm has conducted a study with 39 solutions suppliers in the area of document process management. The aim of the study was to identify THE SaaS supplier on all five segments of the document process management market. Between 6 and 11 actors were cited spontaneously according to area of expertise.


What were the study's conclusions?


On the legal binding electronic archiving market, CDC Arkhineo came in first, ahead of other large-scale competitors. The company's SaaS Electronic Archiving System provides long-term archiving of any kind of electronic document, which can then be securely accessed at any time. That notion is key at a time when data protection (personal data, precautions related to the Cloud Act, cybersecurity, etc.) is emerging as a major issue in 2019. 


In the booming field of electronic signatures, CDC Arkhineo partner DocuSign came out far ahead of its peers. The technology plus the automated workflows and verifications it offers (authentication, KYC, validation, presence of business data, integration with IS) are increasingly replacing traditional signing methods for many companies, despite a few constraints. For an electronic signature to be legally admissible and viable, regulation and best practices must be followed. One tool that is contributing to that is eIDAS, which is helping to create a single European legal framework for digital technology. 


Kofax and OpenText were cited as the leaders of the digitisation and Enterprise Content Management sectors respectively. Finally, for the Business Process Management sector, no actor came out ahead of the others.


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