CDC Arkhinéo Partners with DocuSign

to Help EU Customers Advance Archiving Processes Digitally

Combination of DocuSign Digital Transaction Management (DTM) and CDC Arkhinéo’s Electronic Safe Archiving System®Delivers EU Compliant Digital Process

Paris, France and San Francisco, USA – May21, 2015 –DocuSign, Inc. (DocuSign®), The Global Standard for Digital Transaction Management® (DTM), and CDC Arkhinéo,wholly-owned subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts and France's leading specialist in e-archiving and long-term conservation of electronic data,announced,today, a new partnership tohelporganisations eliminate the hassles, costs, and lack of security inherent in paper-based archiving processes. DocuSign and CDC Arkhinéo will help companies make the digital transformation tofaster, easier, more convenient and secure archiving services.

By partnering with DocuSign, CDC Arkhinéostreamlines the contract execution process, while ensuring the integrity and validity of every transaction. The joint solution enablesorganizations of every size, industry and geography to capture, preserve and access documents and other electronic records for legal, regulatory and corporate policy requirements.

”We are proud to partner with DocuSign as the global standard for Digital Transaction Management as its cloud-based platform is trusted by companies and consumers around the world,” said Charles du Boullay, Executive Director of CDC Arkhinéo.“Thanks to our global solution, we can deliveran electronic solutionthat empowers all companies to comply with the current regulations regarding contractual document preservation, their probative value, their confidentiality and their location,”declared Philippe Delahaye, Director Business Development of CDC Arkhinéo.

“The days of the problems associated with archiving paper documents – including dealing with long storage period obligations, loss of documents, uncertain document integrity and limited access to the information once transactions are complete – are over! We’re really proud that CDC Arkhinéo has chosen to partner with DocuSign to bring to companies an efficient means to handle theses issues with a 100% digital solution” said JesperFrederiksen, Vice President and Managing Director, EMEA, DocuSign.

UsingDocuSign’s DTM platformallows CDC Arkhinéo to deliver the following benefits to EU customers :
-    Long term preservation of electronic documents,
-    Greatercompliance with EU regulation,
-    Complete document integrity and validity,
-    Permanent online access via CDC Arkhinéo.

Organizations interested in learning howCDC Arkhinéo and DocuSign help organizations go fully digital may visit

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About CDC Arkhinéo
CDC Arkhinéo is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts and France's leading specialist in e-archiving and long-term conservation of electronic data. Its core business is third-party e-archiving.
It uses its electronic safe archiving system® to e-archive all types of documents safely (invoices, payslips, savings policies, loan agreements, employment contracts, telephone conversations, e-mails, timestamps and evidence files, etc.).
CDC Arkhinéo currently acts as third-party e-archiver for, Auchan, Ariba, B-Process, BNP-Paribas, Carrefour, Coface, Credit Agricole, Faurecia, Finaref, Gemalto, IATA,LCL, Leclerc, Opentrust, Orange Business Services and Pepsico inter alia.

About DocuSign, Inc.
DocuSign® is The Global Standard for Digital Transaction Management®. DocuSign helps more than 100,000 companies across nearly every industry and department make their digital transformation by putting an end to the paper chase. More than 50 million people in 188 countries turn to DocuSign to manage their most important transactions—digitally. DocuSign's DTM platform supports legally compliant signature processes tailored to meet requirements globally with localization in 43 languages. Every day more than 50,000 new users join The DocuSign Global Trust Network to increase speed to results, reduce costs, enhance security and compliance, and delight clients with a secure digital experience. For more information, visit or call 877.720.2040.
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